Cardiaction Omega-3 Index Basic Test

Research has shown that the appropriate level of Omega-3 consumption is an effective way of naturally maintaining a healthy inflammatory response which greatly benefits a wide variety of health conditions affecting the heart, brain, eyes and joints. Unfortunately, we cannot produce this nutrient ourselves and therefore we can only consume it from either our diet or supplementation.

The CardiAction Omega-3 Index Test has been created with our partners OmegaQuant and it simply measures the amount of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA in red blood cells. An Omega-3 Index in the desirable range of 8% – 12% is an indicator of better overall health, whereas being below this level places you at a higher risk zone. By knowing your Omega-3 Index level, this gives you a benchmark to decide what changes may be necessary for you – for example increasing your consumption of seafood or through dietary supplements. Rather than taking supplements for the sake of it, you’re much better off knowing if this is something that you require which is why having a test first is so important.

Once your blood sample has been processed by our CLIA certified lab, you will receive a report which shows your Omega-3 Index and how this compares to the desirable blood level range for optimal health (between 8-12%). After making the appropriate lifestyle interventions, you can retest your levels to see the effectiveness of any changes you have made. Don’t worry, this is a finger prick test that is minimally invasive, and you can collect the sample easily yourself.

Each kit contains:

  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Sample Collection Card
  • Lancet
  • Plaster
  • Gauze Pad
  • Alcohol Wipe
  • Return Paid Envelope